sábado, fevereiro 14, 2009

Sometimes you have to get your heart

broken a few times to

find out what true love really is.

But when you try to explain it,

It's something you really can't.

-But I can try.

It's the air between each other,

When your whispering to your loved one.

It's the tingle of the touch he sends,

Tumbling down your spine.

It's the softness of his lips,

with the ever gentlest kiss,

the look in his eyes,

When he says I love you.

The feeling that you know,

when he goes out with his friends,

He thinks he is the toughest kid.

But when he comes back to you,

and you lie inside his arms,

he touches your face with his hands,

your face gets close to his,

he kisses the tip of your nose and whisper

With every bliss-of emotion.

It's like you can tame a raging animal

With just the softest grip.

Of your body next to his.

You melt into each other,

Your life you give to him.

But everyone has their differences.

Even if you argue, or

Even when you talk.

you'll help each other,

With your all.

You give so much to him.

Your hearts racing with each other

-Time against time.

You both win,

Even after an argument of who loves who more.

You cry because your happy,

And he thinks your sad.

He tries to wipe away all tears,

And kisses your forehead.

I know this seems surreal but it's real love!

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