terça-feira, fevereiro 10, 2009

We can take a step forward
But never a step back,
Because life only goes in one direction
And that’s in a positive flow.
If we were to push
Our way through,
Into another dimension
Then maybe we would be able
To fix our lives up perfectly
And have no mistakes or regrets.
I’d take a chance to change the past
And if I could have any one moment back,
It would be that moment when life
Seemed to sing open and then closed abruptly on me,
Leaving me out in the cold
Hung frozen and shriveled in the winter night,
Alone and afraid to breath
For if I did, I would not be whole.
I’d feel as if I lost something,
Maybe my soul
Or just a broken piece of my heart.
Either way,
Life can never be reversed
And nothing can ever be taken back.

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